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Aimcare makes it seamless for patients to access medical equipment and supplies. This makes it possible for all kind of treatment or management of various health conditions from bandaging a sprained ankle to diagnosing disease and all the way to assisting in surgical intervention

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Aimcare Delivers Affordable Healthcare

We are ensuring that through your local clinic or pharmacy, you have access to the essential
immunizations, contraception, anti-infectives, diagnostics, ophthalmic care devices and supplies at the best possible prices.


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Pharmacies, Hospitals, Patent Medicine Stores and Clinics.

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The annual healthcare market in Africa is valued at over $60 billion. Have benefits of a satellite office in African locations, without incurring large fixed costs

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Make cash flow planning a breeze

Use our knowledge of the local market to navigate regulatory risk and leverage our relationships to drive growth.


Free up capital to invest in growth

Good health begins with access. We strengthen the frontline and primary healthcare system in Africa by providing pharmacies, primary healthcare centres and hospitals near you with the most innovative, user friendly and affordable products in the global market.

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“Our partnership with Aimcare has ensured close cooperation with several large pharmacy chains, giving us excellent coverage throughout many parts of Nigeria“

Philip Staehelin
CEO, DOT Glasses

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We provide an end-to-end solution that combines financing, technology and logistics.